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​​​       L & M SHELTIES is a small hobby kennel located in Arundel, Maine. Our dogs are 1st and foremost family pets, as well as, conformation, obedience, and therapy dogs.


     Temperament and health are our #1 goal.  We breed first for Temperament, Health and Conformation , and  second for a balance of those ideals in our puppies and dogs. Our goal is to improve and maintain the quality of the Shetland Sheepdog breed. 

     We breed for the next generation of improvement and for the protection of the Shetland Sheepdog Breed standard defined by the American Kennel Club. We strive for excellence through a selective breeding program, to produce puppies and dogs that excel in temperament and train-ability, that can excel in any situation without difficulty.


     We choose dogs with pedigree's that complement each other to get the best quality dogs that we can.  Dogs that are part of the family, not just "pets".  We strive for the highest quality possible taking into account genetics, anatomy, conformation, temperament, and health. We don't breed just for the sake of breeding, we breed for our next "Champion SHOW DOG", or Obedience dog, or Agility Champion .

​     Our dogs are genetic tested for vWD3, DMS, DM, CEA, CNGA1-PRA, and MDR-1, OFA eye clearances, and OFA Hip clearances are done at age 2. Our girls are not bred before 2 years and are done breeding at 5 years old. Our puppies and dogs are not only show dogs, but also performance (agility and obedience) dogs, and also become therapy dogs as well as companion dogs.

     Most important of all our Sheltie's share our home, living inside the house, not in a kennel or in a cage. Our puppies are raised in our home, in our kitchen, and underfoot, they are well socialized, age appropriately stimulated with toys, handled, and played with on a daily basis from the moment they are born. Our puppies are raised around children, cats, horses, a rabbit, and our other dogs, and  they are able to adjust to new situations easily.

     Because we breed to show our dogs in conformation we do not always have puppies available and we do occasionally have adult (retired show/breeding) dogs for adoption to companion/pet, or performance homes. We are a hobby breeder, not a commercial breeder. We have, on average, 1 to 2 litters a year and sometimes we might even skip a year or two.


     Our puppies are loved even before they are born. We take great pride in the care and selection of their parents and the care they receive while preparing for their forever homes. Our puppies are each identified in the order of their birth, and each one is given a colored collar so we can identify each puppy and its record. Initial health assessments, weight, color, and time of birth are recorded within seconds of their mother's initial inspection.  Records are kept for each puppy, assessing its growth and notes of interest are made daily.  All of our dogs/parents are tested for known genetic problems in the breed.

     We “DO NOT” sell any pet quality puppies for breeding purposes! 

     We “DO NOT” sell any puppies for breeding or resale to any commercial pet shops!

     There are many factors that go into our decisions to place a puppy as a companion and not to be bred or as a show hopeful. We strive to produce puppies with excellent temperaments that will be wonderful to own whether they go to a show, performance (agility and obedience) or companion homes, or to even become therapy dogs. 

     We do have a waiting list for our puppies, please (go here) and fill out the information form if you wish to get on our list.

     Dogs we have placed have gone on to become, wonderful pets/companions, and one has earned her Therapy dog excellence title and she does Agility as well.

     All of our puppies are sold to approved homes; according to our terms and conditions  and a mandatory spay/neuter contract.  We reserve the right to refuse to sell any of our dogs and/or puppies to any home that we feel is not suitable and  " we will do what we feel is best" for each and every dog or puppy we breed. 


     Before going to their new homes our puppies are vet checked, and have all age appropriate vaccinations; are wormed and microchip-ed; with a health guarantee and limited registration.  

     Each puppy is sent home with a packet containing useful information, health certificates and copies of their pedigree. We want to help you settle in with your new Sheltie; so we are "always available" for support to our new owners, to help with training and grooming, and for any future questions from the very first day and throughout the life of your Sheltie.

     We "will not" ship our puppies or adults. Puppies and adults must be visited and  picked up in person by the person/persons obtaining them. Finding the perfect home for one of our Shelties is very important to us.

     And if at any time, for any reason, for the life of that puppy or dog, if it cannot be kept by you its new owners, the dog is to be returned to L & M SHELTIES, "NO QUESTIONS ASKED".

     We are involved with Sheltie Rescue and a member of an All Breed dog club, York County Kennel Club of Maine, Inc


     We enjoy educating the public about the Shetland Sheepdog at any and all public and community activities we attend like Meet the Breeds, Arundel Heritage Day and anywhere else we can go and  take the dogs.  We will welcome visitors to our home/kennel at anytime with a call ahead of time to let us know you would like to visit. Just so that we will be sure to be here when you arrive.  We love sharing our Shelties with the public and our Shelites love meeting people. 

     Thank you for your interest, we welcome inquiries about available dogs and puppies. Call or email us if you are looking to add a Sheltie as your next best friend. If we do not have what you are looking for we will be happy to refer you to another reputable breeder. 

​     Please research Shetland Sheepdogs to see if this is a good breed for you, and please ask as many questions as you like.

Lynn R. Baker & Marc C. Leclerc

356 Mountain Rd.

Arundel, Maine   04046

Phone: 207-284-8515     


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