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Waiting List Request

    You must be on our waiting list to be considered for one of our puppies or dogs.  Our puppies are not sold to anyone not on our list.

    Please use the form below to  be added to our waiting list. The information will also be used to refer you to other breeders should we hear of any that have puppies or dogs available that are what you are looking for.  

     Please read our waiting list policy below. We apologize for having to resort to this measure but we have received so many requests that our waiting list has gotten to the point that people could be 2 to 3 years on it.

Waiting List Form

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Waiting List Policy

     We ask that you keep in touch on a regular basis (an email every couple months is sufficient stating that you are still looking or interested), if we do not hear from you other than a one time submission we will assume after 3 months on our list without a word that you are no longer interested in our puppies  or dogs and "you will be removed" from our waiting list.  "We will NOT" be contacting  you to see if you are still interested, prior to removing your name, it is "YOUR RESPONSIBILITY" to keep in touch and letting us know that you are still looking for a puppy or a dog.  And if you find a puppy "BE KIND"enough to let us know!!!


     When puppies or dogs become available we will contact you (by phone) to set up an appointment with you to come meet with us to go over the purchase of a puppy or dog depending on which it is that you are interested in.  If your contact information is not up to date (i.e phone numbers) and we have not reached you after 3 try's we "WILL MOVE ON" to the next person, we will not attempt contacting you again and you will be removed from the list.

      We will not chase you down.  Our time is better spent caring for our puppies and dogs.  You being pro-active is in your best interest and favor.


      Requests to visit our kennel and meet with us and our dogs are always welcome and encouraged. We only ask that you call and make an appointment, since we do have a farm and never know on any one day when we need to be away to get supplies.

     We suggest checking back regularly on our website Nursery page for litter announcements.   If we don’t have any puppies or dogs we would be happy to refer you to another reputable breeder. If you would like a referral to another breeder, please just let us know up front, we will not presume or assume that everyone wants a referral. 



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