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Lynn R. Baker & Marc C. Leclerc

356 Mountain Rd.

Arundel, Maine   04046-8324

Telephone: 207-284-8515


OPEN DAILY    7am to 7pm



Waiting List 



You MUST BE ON OUR WAITING LIST to be considered for one of our puppies or dogs.

We have changed how we are doing our waiting list. 


1.  We are no longer going to keep a long waiting list. ONLY the NAMES of the PEOPLE WHO HAVE MET and INTERVIEWED WITH US STAY, you will remain on our list until a puppy is available to you or if any of the following apply.

        A. you have been referred to another breeder and gotten a puppy from that breeder, or

        B. you notify us that you have found a puppy or dog and request to be removed from the list, or

        C. you contact us and request to be removed from the list because you are no longer looking.


2. If you submit a form and don't meet with us you won't be hearing from us. YOU NEED TO CALL US to schedule the appointment. WE WILL NOT BE CALLING YOU.


3. Waiting list request forms will be kept for 30 days from receipt and no longer, if within the 30 days you have not called and made an appointment to meet with us your form will be thrown away.  NO EXCEPTIONS. 


The only way to be considered for one of our shelties is by:

  1. Filling out the waiting list inquiry form,  and

  2. Make AND KEEP an appointment to Meet and interview with us.

  (YOU have to MAKE the APPOINTMENT AND MEET WITH US to be added to our waiting list, YOU WILL NOT be added by just FILLING OUT AND SENDING THE FORM.)

    Click on the button below to be taken to the form.

Waiting List Inquiry Form


This is "NOT" an application!

It is only used for information to match you to a puppy that we may have that meets the criteria that you are looking for, or if we should hear of another breeder that may have puppies or dogs available and we refer you to them. It is contact information for us when we need to get in touch with you as well as prepare all contracts and documents when a puppy is available so that we can have everything prepared when it is time for you to come and pick up your puppy.


We suggest checking back regularly on our website Nursery page for litter announcements.   If we don’t have any puppies or dogs we would be happy to refer you to another reputable breeder. If you would like a referral to another breeder, please just let us know up front, we do not presume nor assume that everyone wants a referral.   

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