We do not accept deposits until we have puppies available.

Please do not ask.


We do not accept deposits towards future litters.

Please do not ask


    Thank you for your interest in our Shelties!

We have 2 Litters

Phoebe & Jett             and                Jenny & Sam  

                                                                                     (click on Jenny& Sam to see their puppies)


Our puppies are not sold to anyone that is not on our waiting list.



Myne Chromium Steel x LMS Mary Queen of Scots

                               PHOEBE                                             JETT


Week #1

Week # 2

Week # 3

Week # 5

Week # 7

Week # 4

Week # 6

Week # 8

There will be no more photos of Phoebe and Jetts pups. They have gone to their new homes.


Illusions Living the Dream x Illusions LMS Lady of Lallybroch

                           JENNY                                                         SAM


Week #1

Week #2

Week #4

Week #6

Week #3

Week #5

Week #7

Week #8

Week 8 are the last photos for these pups.

They are leaving for their new homes.


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